L-IFT stands for Low-Income Financial Transformation. Our purpose is to lift people out of poverty through innovative, appropriate interventions that are given shape by the people who will benefit from these interventions. We are strongly evidence focused. In L-IFT’s view much development is based on preconceived notions that are not supported by evidence. We question these notions and will go all the way to confirm whether they are true or not. If they are not true  we endeavour to formulate a validated notion instead.

L-IFT identifies misunderstood needs of low-income people through a unique research of repeat interviews which enables evidence-driven decision making.

to set up self-sustaining diaries research facilities in 10 countries by end of 2020.

Organization’s focus
L-IFT’s main goal is to design development interventions based on action research. We are specialized in diaries research, both financial diaries and livelihood diaries. This research methodology is a force of change in various ways: i) the process of the research is a self-exploration and awareness raising process for the respondents, ii) the researchers develop skills and prepare for a rewarding career while producing valuable fine-grained data accessible to all, iii) the resulting data can inform about financial inclusion, about shortcomings of financial services and feed into product development (and the livelihood equivalent), iv) the research can do impact measurement.

Scope of work, and strategic direction
L-IFT has been set up as a for-profit social business. The company aims to specialize in a limited number of innovative approaches that improve financial inclusion and youth entrepreneurship, namely financial and livelihood diaries, cashless user-managed financial intermediation mechanisms (mobile-wallet based savings groups, village banking, SACCOs…). The company consciously intends to stay small in size to ensure quality. It intends to grow its scope through a franchise model, particularly with franchisees in a number of developing countries for spreading financial and livelihood diaries.

What L-IFT is about

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